Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OMAS Emotica Black with softtouch treament

This is the well known OMAS pen that won the prestigious “Trophée Du Stylographe 2007” award for Design and Artistic Creation.

Emotica a name that truely represent the new buzz word of our life style, creative and expression. It also mean Emotion (E), movement (MO), titanium (TI) and a caoutchouc/rubber effect (CA). EMOTICA pens is inspired by the technological and creative frontiers of our time.

The strong design with its finely conical shape, surprising and innovative dynamic clip and noble combination of materials places Emotica at the centre of Omas values, giving it users an undeniable character.
Sales Details:
Condition: New (Not Ink)
Nib Size: Titanium nib, M
Materials: Resin
Quantity: 02
Payment: COD/Bank Transfer/Paypal
Delivery Charge: Free Singapore address delivery/International shipment at cost.

Package Contents:
1x Omas Emotica Black resin with soft touch treatment
1x Omas pen pouch
1x Omas pen box
1x G. card

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1. Paypal payment method add 3.5%.
2. One piece sold on March 17, 2010.
3. Last piece sold on March 18, 2010.

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  1. Bought 1 of the pen. Have been happily using Emotica since then.

    Thanks for provide such a smooth and fast transaction

  2. Kiat,

    I am grate you are enjoying your new pen.