Thursday, July 8, 2010

Omas Tauromaquia Limited Edition

The use of enamel and precious metal on this superb fountain pen dedicated to a sophisticated yet primeval struggle evoke the dominant colours of the bullfight: the red, purple and bright yellow cape, the powerful black bull and the orange colour of the sand and sun.

The pen is fitted with an 18 carat gold nib engraved with flowers to symbolise harmony and light. The top of the cap is made from natural horn and has been left deliberately simple, austere even, to symbolise the arena with its external arcade, internal terracing and the central part of the space used for the fight itself. A range of meanings, bright colours and talents for a limited edition fountain pen designed not just used for writing but as a work of art to be showcase.

Our blog on this beautifully crafted Tauromaquia Limited Edition pen

Sales Details:
Conditions: New (not ink)
Nib size: 18K gold nib, M
Price: S$SOLD
Quantity: 01
Payment: Cash/Bank Transfer
Delivery Charge: S$25 (SG local delivery)

Package contents:
1x Omas Tauromaquia Limited Edition fountain pen
1x External paper box
1x Internal black leather box
1x Leather pen pouch
1x Booklet

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