Sunday, February 21, 2010

KRONE Limited Edition for Sales

The start of a new year is a good time to do some consolidation. Last month, we met up with Mr. PCK (not his real name). He was sharing with us his beautiful pen collection and his new found hobby. Hence, we suggested releasing some of his good L.E. collection to other collectors who didn't manage to acquire it.

Here is a list of Krone Limited Edition for your consideration.

1. Charles Dickens Limited Edition (Limited 250 pieces, SOLD)
2. Wright Brothers Limited Edition (Limited 288 pieces, SOLD )
3. Abraham Lincoln Limited Edition (Limited 1008 pieces, SOLD )
4. Space in Time Limited Edition (LE 250 pcs, SOLD)
5. Saint Patrick Limited Edition (Limited 288 pieces, SOLD)
6. Duke of Ellington Jazz Limited Edition (Limited 188 pieces, SOLD)
7. Albert Einstein Limited Edition (Limited 288 pieces, SOLD)
8. Turankhmen Limited Edition (Limied 388 pieces) (SOLD)
9. Turankhmen Magnum Limited Edition (SOLD)
11. Moby Dick Limited Edition (Limited 288 pieces) (SOLD)
12. Forbidden City (Limited 288 pieces, MSRP US$5100, SOLD)

Please drop us an email to request for price and pictures.

Happy Collecting!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Caran D'ache ... Afician Tribal Mask

The enigmatic, spectacular African Tribal Masks Limited Edition of 128 fountain pens are an outstanding celebration of the age-old rituals and ancestral craft techniques of Africa. They are part of the Caran d’Ache Artiste Collection, and have been entirely designed by the renowned Swiss jeweller Edouard Jud.

This limited edition Tribal African Mask pens are made in 800-solid silver and decorated with detailed sculpting of the African elephant and different African masks, with special features enhanced with gilding.

The tip of the cap is embellished with a cabochon-cut tiger eye from South Africa, a semi-precious stone. Each pen carries the Caran d’Ache logo and the signature of the artist, Edouard Jud, on the ring.
Sales Details:
Condition: New (Not ink)
Nib size: Rhodium plated, 18K M nib
Materials: Sterling Silver
Price: S$9988.00
Quantity: 01
Payment: COD/Bank Transfer/PayPal
Delivery Charge: Free Singapore address delivery/International shipment at cost.

Package Contents:
1x Caran D'ache Afician Mask Limited Edition Fountain Pen
1x External Box
1x Internal Box
1x Certificate

Click Here:Email to Order!

1. Paypal payment method additional 3.5%.
2. Fountain pen limited to 128 pieces worldwide.
3. All pens sold are quality check before shipment.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Omas ... 360 Lucens Limited Edition

The 360 Lucens fountain pens by Omas are a milestone in the history of pens. This magnificent model of Omas combines conventionality and modernity in its classic design and style.

It is flamboyant in color and transparent in look. The 360 Lucens collection is special due to its 360 triangular design. Made from resin, this particular pen is highly polished with flawless finish and impeccable illumination.

Fine darts and specially designed clips embellish these pens. The nib holder is an exquisite dimension to the beauty of these pens.

It is the best of pen collections in your closet. It caters to your taste for sophistication and serves to your heart’s content. It is much sought after as a funky choice of budding generation for it elegance and luxury.

This limited edition particularly an enhancement your personality and appearance. It goes in rhythm with your exclusive and branded shirt.

Sales Details:
Condition: New (Not Ink)
Nib Size: 18K, M
Materials: Resin
Price: SG$1400
Quantity: 01
Payment: COD/Bank Transfer/Paypal
Delivery Charge: Free Singapore address delivery/International shipment at cost.

Package Contents:
1x Omas 360 Lucens Limited Edition Fountain Pen
1x External white cardboard Box
1x External 360 Lucens Paper Box
1x Internal Lucnes blue pen box
1x Omas pen pouch
1x Certificate
1x Sterling Silver Cleaning cloth

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1. This pen is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. Each pen is individually number.
2. Paypal payment method add 3.5%.
3. This pen is also locally available at Fook Hing Trading.
4. One piece sold on Feb 17, 2010.

Other Omas pens on Sales:
1. Tauromaquia Limited Edition
2. Omas 360 Oversize Black Gold Finishing
3. Arte Italiana - Milord Brown Celluloid Rollerball
4. Arte Italaina - Milord Royal Blue Rollerball
5. Emotica Black with soft touch treatment

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michel Perchin ... Year Of Dragon Limited Edition

Pen details:
Condition: New (Not Ink)
Ink-feed : Piston
Pen-Nib Sizes : 18K two tone gold nib, M
Price: S$5588.00
Payment: Cash/Bank Transfer
Quantity: 01
Delivery: Free Singapore Address Delivery, International shipment at cost

Remarks: Limited to 88 pieces worldwide, which approximately 20 are rollerballs. Each pen is individually numbered.

Package contents:
1x Michael Perchin Sterling Silver Pen
1x External hard board pen box
1x Wooden pen box
1x Certificate
1x Michael Perchin sterling silver cleaning cloth

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