Friday, February 12, 2010

Omas ... 360 Lucens Limited Edition

The 360 Lucens fountain pens by Omas are a milestone in the history of pens. This magnificent model of Omas combines conventionality and modernity in its classic design and style.

It is flamboyant in color and transparent in look. The 360 Lucens collection is special due to its 360 triangular design. Made from resin, this particular pen is highly polished with flawless finish and impeccable illumination.

Fine darts and specially designed clips embellish these pens. The nib holder is an exquisite dimension to the beauty of these pens.

It is the best of pen collections in your closet. It caters to your taste for sophistication and serves to your heart’s content. It is much sought after as a funky choice of budding generation for it elegance and luxury.

This limited edition particularly an enhancement your personality and appearance. It goes in rhythm with your exclusive and branded shirt.

Sales Details:
Condition: New (Not Ink)
Nib Size: 18K, M
Materials: Resin
Price: SG$1400
Quantity: 01
Payment: COD/Bank Transfer/Paypal
Delivery Charge: Free Singapore address delivery/International shipment at cost.

Package Contents:
1x Omas 360 Lucens Limited Edition Fountain Pen
1x External white cardboard Box
1x External 360 Lucens Paper Box
1x Internal Lucnes blue pen box
1x Omas pen pouch
1x Certificate
1x Sterling Silver Cleaning cloth

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1. This pen is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. Each pen is individually number.
2. Paypal payment method add 3.5%.
3. This pen is also locally available at Fook Hing Trading.
4. One piece sold on Feb 17, 2010.

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