Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stipula Vedo Transparent Blue Sapphire Special Edition

This Stipula Vedo transparent blue Sapphire special edition was made for the modem user who want to have a sophisticated look with a simple cut.

The ink reservoir was specially make clear so that you can view ink level. The blue sapphire color was special chosen for this transparent for you as a sophisticated user to see functioning of the mechanism and the ink going through it.

The Stipula Vedo fountain pens are handmade one by one by a skillful hand at the Stipula workshop.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wagner Victorinox Armada Swiss Pen

For sales is a new Wagner Victorinox Armada Swiss pen. A well know Victorinox® Classic Quality Tools that consist of scissors, screwdriver, nail file, knife and a LED flashlight. The flashlight battery is replaceable.

This Wagner ballpoint uses a pressurized ink that allow you to writes on wet and rough surfaces, as well as upside-down. It has a smooth twist-action mechanism to reveal pen tip. The barrel is coated with durable powder.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Waterman Exception

For Sales is a new Waterman Exception, a writing instrument that truly represents a technical triumph of the inventive minds of the Waterman craftman.

The Waterman Exception is the result of a combination of creative daring with technical excellence. The first quadrangular writing instrument, the squared shape of the barrel fits snugly in the hand, the square shape transforming itself into a rounded shape to ensure perfect writing comfort.