Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pelikan M205 Blue Demonstrator Fountain Pen

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This limited production blue transparent finish with chrome trim is one the most collectable, under Pelikan M205 series.

Sales details:
Condition: New (not ink)
Nib size: F or M
Filling System: Piston fill
Price: SOLD.
Quantity: 02
Payment: COD/Bank Trasnfer/Paypal
Delivery: Local/Worldwide shipping at cost.

Package content
1x Pelikan M205 Blue Demonstator Fountain Pen
1x Pelikan box
1x Pelikan paper.

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1. Paypal payment additional charge by Paypal of 3.5% of sales price.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Montegrappa Ferrari Limited Edition

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After the successful launched the first edition Montegrappa Ferrari Annual Edition FA. Montegrappa released a second Annual Edition FB exclusively created for Ferrari fan worldwide.

The styling of the second edition is the same as the first edition with the exception of its colour and material.

This beautifully style fountain pen had been applied with the precious Mirabeau Blue lacquer in many layers through the knowledge and manual skill of the craftsmen of the House of Bassano.

Lastly, each pen was then decorated by a 'real gem'- the Ferrari Prancing Horse, which was hand-finished using the ancient technique of burin engraving.

Sales Details:
Condition: New (not ink)
Nib size: M
Price: S$1700
Quantity: 01
Payment Method: Paypal/COD/Bank Transfer
Delivery Charge: Worldwide delivery at cost

Package Contents:
+ 1x Montegrappa Blue Farrari Limited Edition fountain pen
+ 1x external red paper box
+ 1x elegant wood casket lacquered box
+ 1x Silver polishing cloth
+ 1x Leather cover
+ 1x Certifcate
+ 1x instruction booklet
+ 1x Ferrari booklet.

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1. Paypal payment please add 3.5% to the sales price for the service charge.