Friday, December 18, 2009

Montegrappa Roma Aeterna Limited Edition

Montegrappa dedicates this Limited Edition of the Viaggio Collection to its own country, celebrating the splendours of the city which for centuries performed the role of capital of the world. A true hymn of praise to the incomparable glory of Rome and its unequalled beauty, the Roma Aeterna pen draws the inspiration for its remarkable decoration from two places which with the great strength of symbolic imagery speak to people today of the grandeur of Ancient Rome: the Roman Forum, the pulsating centre of the city’s political and military power, and the city of Pompeii, the extraordinarily vivid and expressive evidence of the daily life of the great patrician families.

Roma Aeterna Limited Edition is realised with the exclusive technique of low-relief engraving. The decorations on the cap are inspired by some of the main monuments of the excavations of Pompeii: a detail of the mosaic pavement in the so-called Casa degli Amorini Dorati and a pattern which appears in the plasterwork of the vestibule of the Baths of Stabia. The Greek key pattern reproduced both on the cap and the barrel of the pen is taken from a magnificent fresco in the celebrated Villa dei Misteri, also at Pompeii. On the barrel some of the main monuments of the Roman Forum are depicted. This is an archaeological area which is among the most impressive in the world and still today it is an eloquent symbol of the power and splendour of the city.

Roma Aeterna Limited Edition consists of a total of 1,229 pieces, corresponding to the number of years of the history of Rome, from its foundation in 753 b.c. to the fall of the Empire in a.d. 476, and is proposed in sterling silver fountain pen and rollerball pen, 18K yellow gold fountain pen and rollerball pen and a precious version in 18K yellow gold and diamonds available both in fountain and rollerball pen. Finishing parts are made of precious resin, in an exclusive Pompeii red colour.

Pen details:
Condition: New (Not Ink)
Materials : Sterling silver, Celluloid
Ink-feed : Piston
Pen-Nib Sizes : 18K gold nib, Medium
Price: SOLD.
Quantity: 01
Delivery: S$25 (local)
Craftsmanship Techniques : Low-relief engraving

Package contents: 1x Montegrappa Roma Aeterna LE fountain pen
1x External box
1x Red pen box
1x Silver polishing cloth
1x booklet with warrenty card
1x limited edition certificate

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