Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parker - Lucky 8 Limited Edition

A contemporary take on one of the very first faceted, "anti-roll" designs, and in celebration of the "Lucky Curve" patent that bequeathed to Parker its iconic status, the Duofold Lucky 8 Limited Edition Fountain Pen uses classical aesthetics, and the proven durability and performance of the undying Duofold, to present pen fanciers and lovers of writing in general, a truly timeless treasure of artistic and utilitarian dimensions. Experience the perpetual and mysterious beauty of the figure "8", with this tribute to Parker's 120 years of being the best.

Sales Details:
Condition: New (not ink)
Nib size: 18K 750
Price: S$1088
Quantity: 01
Payment Method: COD/Bank Transfer
Delivery Charge: S$25 (SG local delivery)

Package Contents:
1x Parker Duofold Lucky 8 LE Fountain Pen
1x Bottle of Parker Lucky 8 ink
1x external paper box
1x Protection cover
1x Black lacquer pen box
1x Booklet

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