Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Graf Von Faber Castell - Pen of the Year 2008

Where on earth can you find the smallest parquet made of Indian satinwood?

The Year 2008, Graf von Faber-Castell did it again. They used Indian satinwood, more commonly known as the lemon wood, to craft the Pen of the Year 2008. There are no fewer than 84 individually hand-made tiny satinwood rectangles for the filigree herringbone pattern of the Pen of the Year 2008.

The layout pattern is one of the well known herringbone pattern, which is clever choice for a lot of the inlay work of choice pieces of furniture, among them Countess Ottilie's writing desk.

The numbered edition is crowned by a chessboard-facted citrine gemstone, platinized fittings and an 18-carat bicolour gold nib, carefully run in by hand.

Sales Details:
Condition: New (not ink)
Nib size: F/M
Price: SOLD.
Quantity: 01
Payment: Cash/Bank Transfer
Delivery: Oversea Deliver at cost (Free Singapore address delivery)

Package contents:
1x FC Pen of the Year 2008 fountain pen
1x Tranportation paper box for pen
1x Wooden Box with 2x paper box
1x instruction booklet
1x Certificate
1x Booklet

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